Where to Find Barritt’s

Looking for Barritt’s Ginger Beer? Please send us an e-mail and we will help you find your closest source:  info@bermudasgingerbeer.com

156 responses to “Where to Find Barritt’s

  1. I cannot locate Barritt’s Ginger Beer in the state of Nevada!

  2. BC needs Barritts!

    Where can we get Barritts in British Columbia, Canada? If not, how about Seattle?

    • Hello there – unfortunately, we don’t have Barritt’s up in either city yet. So sorry about that, but we are working on it. Thanks so much for your support and we will let you know when we are in either city.

  3. Continuing to look in the Seattle Washington area:-)

  4. We need Barritt’s in Alberta, Canada too!!!!

  5. Is there a location in texas to purchase Barritts Giner Beer. I am located in Houston.

  6. Looking for Barritt’s in either Las Vegas or Calgary Alberta. Any chance?

  7. Can we get Barritt’s ginger beer near Port Charlotte, Florida? zip 33980

    • Hello there,

      For Florida, please contact our distributor, International Wine & Spirits and let them know you are looking for Barritt’s. Their office number is: 305-594-9020. We are also now in Total Wine & More and Crown Wine & Spirits.

  8. Hi there – any availability in Toronto, Canada?

  9. Looking to buy Barritt’s ginger beer on the North Shore of Milwaukee (Whitefish Bay area, 53217 zip code). can you direct me?

  10. Is there anywhere in the UK I can get Barritt’s?

  11. where can i find it on long island?????

  12. any chance of getting distribution in alaska? i just returned from bermuda and fell in love with the dark and stormy!

  13. Where can I buy Barritt’s Ginger beer in Toronto, Canada?
    do you also sell the diet form?

  14. Do you sell Barritts in Halifax?

  15. Can you tell me if anyone in San Diego County carries Barritts? Thanks.

  16. Hi, Can I find Barrits in Montreal? My friend from Bermuda just brought me a nice bottle of Black seal and I was hoping to enjoy it with some awesome Barrits..

  17. Is Barritt’s available in Colorado? Thanks!

  18. Where can I get Barritt’s Ginger Beer in north New Jersey? You list a distributor for South and Central NJ but none for North NJ. I live in Cranford NJ – Union County.

  19. Where in Oklahoma do they sell it?? We have enough Walmarts here, I’ll check there first.

  20. Please, my husband is from Bermuda and we love Barritt’s Ginger beer,
    but we live in East Tennessee now and can find it NO WHERE!!! Please help us…where can we go to find it???

  21. P.S. I should have said there is a new Publix and also a new Trader Joes
    in Knoxville, TN….would they have it?? thanks, Karen B

  22. Thank you so much, we will check it out today!!! Hope you can get
    more widely distributed in East TN soon!
    Karen B

  23. Recently discovered dark and stormy, the word is it must be made with your product. Is it available in B.C. Or Washington state yet?

    • Hi there – Barritt’s is the original, traditional ginger beer used by Bermudians in the Dark ‘n Stormy. We are now in Washington state, so please try our new distributor, American Northwest Distributors. Their number is: (206) 877-4404 Thanks!

  24. Jeff, Thank you so much. We will do that…he is in Ginger Beer
    withdrawal!! hahaha!

  25. Any updates on the Calgary market at all?

  26. Do you have Barritts Diet Ginger beer in Minneapolis area?? Or minnesota

  27. Any place to buy Barritt’s in New York city, Manhattan to be exact? I moved from New Jersey recently and can’t find it here.

  28. Is ther any place to buy Barrett’s ginger bear in London Ontario?

  29. Barrit’s in Virgina?

  30. Barritt’s Ginger Beer in Southern Illinois?

  31. Hello! Looking for location/distribution center in Green Bay, Wi for your Ginger Beer. Thanks!

  32. Anything in Buffalo NY?

  33. Just following up for Toronto, Ontario Canada! Anything yet???

  34. Link to beverages etc for kansas city area is not working. Can you tell me where I can find Barritt’s in Overland Park, KS?

  35. Barry Dickerson

    Beverages direct.com is a great place to order from.. I usually order 4 cases at a time. They have regular and sugar free.. Great since all my friends are hooked on Dark&Stormy drinks

  36. Where can I find Barritt’s Ginger beer in Charlotte, NC?

  37. where can I find Barritt’s diet ginger beer in the SF bay area?

  38. Where can I find Barritt’s Ginger Beer in Northeast, OH Cleveland Suburbs.

    • Please call our OH distributor, Vintage Wines, at 440.248.1750. They will be able to help you.

      We are also available at Jungle Jim’s, Heinen’s Foods, Acme Fresh Markets, Market District, as well as select Giant Eagle and select Kroger stores.

      Thank you for reaching out! We appreciate it.

  39. Barritt’s diet ginger beer, need to find it in kc area… Kansas City KS

  40. Anissa johnson

    Do you sell it anywhere near Asheville, NC?

    • Yes we do! Please contact our distributor in the Asheville area, Empire Distributors, to find your closest source: 828-687-8662

      Our product is also sold in Total Wine & More, A Southern Season, Harris Teeter, Ingles and Lowe’s Foods markets.

  41. Where can I find this in or near Peoria il?

    • To find Barritt’s in your area, please contact our distributor, Wirtz Beverage. Their office number is: (708) 652-7432

      Additionally, you can find Barritt’s at Binny’s liquor stores as well as select Woodman’s, and Hy-Vee stores.

  42. Diet ginger beer on dewey beach delaware? Or close to?

    • To find your closest source please contact our distributor, LJ Zucca: 856-692-7426.

      We are also in Wegman’s Supermarkets, Total Wine & More, as well as select Shop Rite and Acme stores.

      Thanks for writing!

  43. Looking for where to buy the diet ginger beer in Southeast Michigan. I had some at Crystal Mountain resort and would love to find it locally.

    • Please contact our Michigan distributor, Imperial Beverage: 269-382-4200. They will help you find your closest source. We are also now in Meijer stores (regular bottles) and select Kroger stores (regular and diet bottles)


  44. Live in Charlotte nc..where can I find this gingerbeer

  45. Near chesterfield, Michigan please

  46. Where can I purchase Barritt’s? In the upstate of South Carolina….very near Greenville & Spartanburg, SC….about 90 miles from Charlotte, NC & ~150 miles from Atlanta, GA…..THANK YOU!!

    • Please contact our SC distributor, Aleph Wines, to find your closest source. Their office number is: (803) 783-1332

      We are also available in Total Wine & More stores as well as Lowe’s Foods, Ingles, and Harris Teeter.

  47. Looking for Barrett’s Ginger Beer in Central NJ.
    We drink it all the time in Bermuda, and would like to find it here in NJ.
    Bill Coyle

    • Hi Bill,

      For NJ, please call our distributor Hunterdon Beer to find your closest source: (908) 454-7445.

      We are also in Total Wine & More stores as well as Wegmans. We are also in select Shop Rite, Acme and Weis Markets.

  48. To whom it may concern,
    Can you please tell me were can I get some of Barritts Ginger Beer

    Thank you in advance

  49. Where can I purchase Barritt’s Ginger Beer in Memphis, TN?

  50. I live in Port Elgin Ontario Canada. Where can I purchase Barritts Ginger Beer?

    I lived in Bermuda for four years and since returning to Canada I have tried virtually every Ginger Beer brand I see, but none of them have matched my favourite Dark & Stormy that I drank while in Bermuda.

  51. Looking for ginger beer for dark and stormy in ocean County nj please you other ginger beer lovers help

    • For NJ, please call our distributor Hunterdon Beer to find your closest source: (908) 454-7445.

      We are also in Total Wine & More stores as well as Wegmans. We are also in select Shop Rite, Acme and Weis Markets.

  52. I love this drink. I live in Liberty, MO.

    • Thank you for reaching out! We appreciate it.

      Please contact our distributor, Glazer’s. They will be able to help you find your closest source in your area. Their number is: (816) 231-1188

      You can also find Barritt’s Ginger Beer at Gomer’s liquor stores in your area as well as Hen House markets.

  53. I own a specialty beer store (import & craft) and have been asked to stock your Ginger Beer. We are in Dunkirk, New York 14048. I would like to be able to supply my customers. Is your ginger beer available in Western New York?
    Thank you for your help…

  54. Looking for Barritt’s Ginger Beer in New York City.

  55. Where is closest location to get ginger beer

  56. Looking for Barritts Ginger Beer either in cans or bottles in western PA. What stores would carry this product in the Pittsburgh, Johnstown and/or Altoona markets? Thank you! This will be a Christmas gift.

    • Thank you for your support of Barritt’s! We appreciate it.

      To purchase Barritt’s Ginger Beer, please contact our distributor, Tony Savatt Inc. Their office number is: 412-331-1222.

      We are also available at Market District stores and select Giant Eagle stores too.

  57. Where can I purchase your ginger beer in Toronto?

  58. Where is Barritts Ginger Beer sold in th Naples, Florida area

  59. Where can I find Barritt’s Ginger Beer in Columbus, Ohio?

  60. Deirdre Dugdale

    We are looking for a Wholesale Distributor of ginger beer in the Chicago area, who do we call?

  61. Ashley Mauldin

    Where can I find Barritt’s Diet Ginger Beer in Oklahoma City, Uptown Grocery is the only store I know of and they are always sold out😦

  62. I live in Daphne Al 36526 where can I find your beer

  63. Andrea Farrington

    We recently had your ginger beer while visiting friends in St Thomas. We live in Brooklyn, NY (11215) and would love to get some here

  64. Hello! We live in Columbus, OH and wanted to know where we can purchase Barritts ginger beer.

    • Please call our OH distributor, Vintage Wines, at 440.248.1750. They will be able to help you find the cans.

      We are also available at Jungle Jim’s, Heinen’s Foods, Acme Fresh Markets and select Kroger stores. We are mainly available in bottles in these stores.

      Thanks again for reaching out!

  65. Can you please help me to find out were to buy Barrett’s ginger beer in my area. I live in Mineola, New York 11501. My daughter is getting married and the wedding venue does not carry it.
    Thank You for your help
    Celiea@aol. Com

    • Thank you for your support! We appreciate it. And thank you and your daughter for making us a part of her wedding!

      Please call our NY distributor, Union Beer: 718-497-2407 to find a source near you. They can also help this venue.

      Barritt’s is also available at Hicksville Beer & Soda, as well as Little Neck Beverage Corp, located in Great Neck.

  66. Looking for you ginger beer in Nova Scotia Canada. Please help

  67. Aquilah Crews

    Where can i find it

  68. Looking for barrita ginger beer on Long Island, NY.

  69. Where can I find barrits ginger beer on Long Island, NY?

  70. Looking for location to buy in St Paul, Mn

  71. Looking for barritts ginger beer and diet beer in red wing minnesota

    • Thanks for your great support of Barritt’s Ginger Beer! We appreciate it.

      Please contact our distributor, Wirtz Beverage, in Minnesota to find your closest source. Their number is: (651) 646-7821

      You can also find Barritt’s Ginger Beer at Lund’s & Byerly’s markets as well as Total Wine & More. We are also at Cub Foods liquor stores.

  72. Colette Parsons

    We got hooked on Dark and Stormy’s while in Bermuda. Afriend who serimes does work in Bermuda packs it home in his suitcase your me. Any chance you have a distributor in Vancouver, BC, Canada or Seattle?

    • Thanks for reaching out to us about Barritt’s Ginger Beer! We appreciate it.

      Unfortunately Barritt’s Ginger Beer is not in Canada yet.

      Our distributor in Washington is American Northwest Distributors. They can help you find your closest source. Their number is: (206) 877-4404.

      We are also available at BevMo and Total Wine & More stores.

  73. Any gingerbeer sellers in asheville? Or in a 50 mile radius around there?

    • Thank you for writing! We appreciate it.

      Our product is sold in your area at: Total Wine & More, A Southern Season, Harris Teeter (bottles), Ingles (bottles) and Lowe’s Foods markets (also bottles).

  74. Where in illinois is barritts

  75. inglemonica@yahoo.com Asheville,NC, Arden NC, or Hendersonville are closest to me. Thank you.

  76. Where can we buy bottled diet Barritts Ginger Beer in Oswego NY

  77. Hello. I would like to find a local distributor.
    Thanks so much.

  78. Where can I buy barritt’s ginger beer?In the area if west side of Cleveland ohio area code is 44039

  79. Darlene French

    Who carries it in michigan. MY ZIP IS 48178

  80. Jean-Paul Parkhill

    Where can I find it in Nova Scotia or new Brunswick. Thanks

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