Where to Find Barritt’s

You can find Barritt’s in the states below through these distributors below. Please call them to find your closest source.

If your state is not on here, our apologies. We are increasing distribution all the time, so let us know where you are located and we will be sure to work on getting it in your area.

Thanks again! We are in all of our markets because of our loyal fans.


  • National Distributors (southern Maine) – 207-773-1719

New Hampshire

  • New Hampshire Distributors (Concord, the Lakes and the coastline) – 603-224-9991

Massachusetts -

  • Seaboard (northern MA) – 978-777-5525
  • Craft Brewers (Boston area and western MA) – 978-777-5525
  • L Knife and Son (southern MA) – 781-585-5165

Rhode Island

  • Horizon Beverage – 401-392-3580


  • Star Distributors (southern CT and New Haven area) – 800-223-4691
  • Rogo Distributors (Hartford area) – 860-528-9381
  • F&F Distributors (Mystic area and Rhode Island border) – 860-442-1265

New York

  • Union Beer (Long Island, West Chester area, 5 boroughs of New York City) – 718-386-2721


New Jersey

  • LJ Zucca (central and southern NJ) – 856-692-7426


  • LJ Zucca – 856-692-7426


Washington DC

You can also find us in Wegman’s supermarkets across the Northeast


North Carolina

  • Empire Distributors in Raleigh – 800-264-2965
  • Empire in Wilmington – 910-675-3280
  • Empire in Asheville – 828-687-8662
  • Empire in Charlotte – 704-583-4164

South Carolina

– Aleph Wines   http://www.alephwines.com/  803-783-1332


  • Quality Wine and Spirits – 404-367-9463


  • Lirette Selections – 504-393-1212


  • Glidewell Distributing – 479-782-2539


– International Wine & Spirits http://www.iws-fla.com/    305-594-9020



  • Imperial Beverage – 269-382-6605


  • Wirtz Beverage (statewide) – 847-228-9000
  • Clover Club (Chicago area) – 773-261-7100


  • Pinnacle Distributing (Minneapolis area) – 651-731-9010


  • Madison area: General Beverage – 608-271-1237
  • Milwaukee area: General Beverage – 800-852-9111
  • Oshkosh area: General Beverage – 920-235-9130


– Crossroad Vintners     http://www.crossroadvintners.com/    (317) 471-1038


  • Glidewell Distributing (eastern OK) – 479-782-2539




  • Fun Beverage (Flathead Lake region) – 406-752-1455



– Real Soda (SoCal) –  http://www.realsoda.com/

– Blue Dog (Sacramento and inland NorCal) – http://www.bluedogbeverages.com/

Real Soda NorCal (San Francisco and Oakland) –  http://start.cortera.com/company/research/k8k7jql4m/real-soda-northern-california/

59 responses to “Where to Find Barritt’s

  1. I cannot locate Barritt’s Ginger Beer in the state of Nevada!

  2. BC needs Barritts!

    Where can we get Barritts in British Columbia, Canada? If not, how about Seattle?

    • Hello there – unfortunately, we don’t have Barritt’s up in either city yet. So sorry about that, but we are working on it. Thanks so much for your support and we will let you know when we are in either city.

  3. Continuing to look in the Seattle Washington area :-)

  4. We need Barritt’s in Alberta, Canada too!!!!

  5. Is there a location in texas to purchase Barritts Giner Beer. I am located in Houston.

  6. Looking for Barritt’s in either Las Vegas or Calgary Alberta. Any chance?

  7. Can we get Barritt’s ginger beer near Port Charlotte, Florida? zip 33980

    • Hello there,

      For Florida, please contact our distributor, International Wine & Spirits and let them know you are looking for Barritt’s. Their office number is: 305-594-9020. We are also now in Total Wine & More and Crown Wine & Spirits.

  8. Hi there – any availability in Toronto, Canada?

  9. Looking to buy Barritt’s ginger beer on the North Shore of Milwaukee (Whitefish Bay area, 53217 zip code). can you direct me?

  10. Is there anywhere in the UK I can get Barritt’s?

  11. where can i find it on long island?????

  12. any chance of getting distribution in alaska? i just returned from bermuda and fell in love with the dark and stormy!

  13. Where can I buy Barritt’s Ginger beer in Toronto, Canada?
    do you also sell the diet form?

  14. Do you sell Barritts in Halifax?

  15. Can you tell me if anyone in San Diego County carries Barritts? Thanks.

  16. Hi, Can I find Barrits in Montreal? My friend from Bermuda just brought me a nice bottle of Black seal and I was hoping to enjoy it with some awesome Barrits..

  17. Is Barritt’s available in Colorado? Thanks!

  18. Where can I get Barritt’s Ginger Beer in north New Jersey? You list a distributor for South and Central NJ but none for North NJ. I live in Cranford NJ – Union County.

  19. Where in Oklahoma do they sell it?? We have enough Walmarts here, I’ll check there first.

  20. Please, my husband is from Bermuda and we love Barritt’s Ginger beer,
    but we live in East Tennessee now and can find it NO WHERE!!! Please help us…where can we go to find it???

  21. P.S. I should have said there is a new Publix and also a new Trader Joes
    in Knoxville, TN….would they have it?? thanks, Karen B

  22. Thank you so much, we will check it out today!!! Hope you can get
    more widely distributed in East TN soon!
    Karen B

  23. Recently discovered dark and stormy, the word is it must be made with your product. Is it available in B.C. Or Washington state yet?

    • Hi there – Barritt’s is the original, traditional ginger beer used by Bermudians in the Dark ‘n Stormy. We are now in Washington state, so please try our new distributor, American Northwest Distributors. Their number is: (206) 877-4404 Thanks!

  24. Jeff, Thank you so much. We will do that…he is in Ginger Beer
    withdrawal!! hahaha!

  25. Any updates on the Calgary market at all?

  26. Do you have Barritts Diet Ginger beer in Minneapolis area?? Or minnesota

  27. Any place to buy Barritt’s in New York city, Manhattan to be exact? I moved from New Jersey recently and can’t find it here.

  28. Is ther any place to buy Barrett’s ginger bear in London Ontario?

  29. Barrit’s in Virgina?

  30. Barritt’s Ginger Beer in Southern Illinois?

  31. Hello! Looking for location/distribution center in Green Bay, Wi for your Ginger Beer. Thanks!

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