About Barritt’s Ginger Beer Blog

I can't believe I forgot the drums

Barritt’s Ginger Beer is a blog about my travels while selling Barritt’s in the States. I see all kinds of sights – i.e. bars, restaurants and people – during my travels. I’m trying to capture everything with this blog.

Barritt’s is non-alcoholic and best described as a “gingery ginger ale.” It originally hails from Bermuda. Barritt’s was started in 1874 and remains family owned. In Bermuda, Barritt’s is traditionally enjoyed by itself and also in the Dark ‘n Stormy – a cocktail with Gosling’s Black Seal Rum and Barritt’s with lime.

Our company, North American Beverage Co., is the importer and manufacturer of Barritt’s. Our company has been producing Barritt’s Ginger Beer since January 2009. I am the brand manager, which means I get to travel around the nation telling people about Barritt’s.

If you’re looking for Barritt’s, please contact me: barrittsgingerbeer@gmail.com


Paul Imbesi, Brand Manager for Barritt’s Ginger Beer

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