Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward … it’s a necessity to say “Historic.” Preferably with a capital “H”

Statue outside the Harley Davidson Museum of motorcyclist jumping Jaws' big fin

Last week my ginger beer travels brought me to a city famous for beer: Milwaukee. The land of Schlitz, Miller, Laverne, Shirley, Lenny and Squiggy.

Milwaukee’s different neighborhoods are always a treat – especially the Historic Third Ward, which is where I discovered the Wicked Hop. Or more precisely, their Bloody Mary pictured below. Yowza.

The Bloody Mary at Wicked Hop: mozzarella strings, shrimp, beef jerky, olives and a pickle. Wow.

The Third Ward is the kind of area a Williamsburg hipster would enjoy while visiting the Midwest (or as I like to say, going back home): reconstructed post-industrialist neighborhood with a working class history. It’s an area that has made a comeback on the backs of the artistic community. Plus it’s the Midwest, so you know everyone will be friendly, even in skinny jeans. Normally, no one is happy in skinny jeans. Mainly because they’re wearing skinny jeans.

A couple of other spots to hit are the Public Market and Cafe Lulu. The latter is well worth the trip simply for the awesome rock posters by different artists. And if you’re in the Public Market, please try the Heath Bar cookies. Each one is the size of a small planet and worth every bite.

Art at Cafe Lulu

But the one place that really stood out was the Iron Horse Hotel.

The Iron Horse Hotel is close to the Harley Davidson Museum (pictured above in a photo taken this summer). It is a former warehouse and features artwork from local artists.

Inside the Iron Horse is a fantastic reading room (complete with old National Geographic magazines). In another wing is a great, long bar.

The hotel’s lobby is a changing display of different motorcycles from different manufacturers. Motorcycles, drinks and a reading room. It’s a pretty damn good scene.


Ducati display at Iron Horse Hotel


One response to “Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward … it’s a necessity to say “Historic.” Preferably with a capital “H”

  1. Looks like you had a great time! Love having lunch at Motor–restaurant at the HD Museum. Had a birthday party at The Yard (Iron Horse’s patio). Always a great time…

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